Thursday, 3 September 2009

Today is dull
Sorted out my folders for school while watching a Sherlock Holmes on telly, then wrote indexes into all my new notebooks (Yup.)
Apart from that and fiddling around on the internet, not a lot has been done
I would go and do some reading, finish off Frankenstein, but I'm really not in the mood.

Should I get one of those 02 Visa cards that you can top up?
I could then get things over the internet, and wouldn't be able to overspend on it, BUT, would I end up buying crap on the spur of the moment?

Should I bring in a new thing where I buy a new fancy dress item every month, to build up my costume selection?

Should I do a book themed birthday party?

Should I learn to use a Sewing Machine?

Answers on a Stamped, Addressed Envelope, or in the comment box, closing date tomorrow

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