Thursday, 3 September 2009

Third Post today
Actually, it may even be my fourth
This is a testimony to how deadly bored I was today, and still AM
I probably could have done something more useful with my time, but I did do a rather good picture of the Fifth Doctor, which, if I had a scanner that worked, I would post.
I shall work until I have done all 10/11 depending on if I do Matt Smith or not, and then if I wanted to, I could do the extra first and 9th if I was feeling especcially geekful that day. Who knows.
Later, I may draw/write up my James Clive Jackery III stories, which I can't scan in, so you'll have to... imagine.. them..
In your mind.
Thesps, unless you're massively busy, You can come to mine monday night when we would normally be at Tyc and we can rave. Possibly actually like... 7-9 not 6-8 as that's a bit early.
Possibly my longest ever post.
Fare thee well.
For the next half hour or so anyway

1 comment:

  1. i'm up for a tyc hang out, just need your address.

    school started for me yesterday. Hopefully you aren't as bored as you were.