Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I'm not good at blogging. My problem is that nothing interesting happens to me. Apart from that time when the police had to be called to get rid of people from the Library. And when people try to set me up with their flatmates. And when I have a gossipy conversation with the woman meant to be interviewing me for University. I don't go to the cinema much. Apart from when I went to see The King's Speech. And when I went to see Paul. I don't watch that much of the television that's on at the moment. Apart from Marchlands. And Corrie. I don't go many places. Apart from London next week. And Manchester the week after. Oh, and Whitstable the week after that. And Hull the week after THAT. Perhaps my problem isn't that things don't happen to me, it's that I'm just quite lazy, and don't write about them. I'm going to change that.
March starts in 6 days. When March starts, I'm going to start Vlogging AND Blogging properly. I'm not going to snack. I'm going to do Exercise. I'm also going to try that little bit harder to actually stick to these claims. 
Over and Out.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

If you didn't already know, which some of you might not, I also run a blog called 'Click Me'.
It can be found here.
Please go and look at it as it has considerably less followers than this one.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Books and Such

Reading is, as you probably all know, a very very huge part of my life. I love it. I rarely DON'T have a book on the go. So, inspired by Nick Hornby's 'The Polysyllabic Spree' I plan to keep you updated with the books I've bought, and read, and what I thought of them. This will start proper at the end of next month (as I've not kept a record of the books I read THIS month. I'm not that prepared) but I wanted to tell you about the book that I'm currently reading - 'Infinite Jest' by David Foster Wallace.
I was challenged to read it by Kathryn Blay and, to be honest, I'd never even heard of it. But I reserved it at the Library and went to fetch it last week. I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. Now, I'm the type of person that can read the biggest Harry Potter book in a day, but that's (essentially) a children's book, and is a reasonably easy read for me. But Infinite Jest is nearly 1000 pages. Of Small text. Written in at least 4 different types of Narrative. It's going to be a slog.
Or so I thought. Turns out, I'm actually quite enjoying it. I'm about 130 pages in so far, and although that's way behind my schedule (I wanted to be 300 in by now. Yes, I schedule big books) I think that having read that much in about a day and a half is pretty good. I'll let you know how I do.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

25 Artists

Put your Music on shuffle. List the first 25 Artists. This will, apparently, show your different music tastes.

1. Robots In Disguise
2. Elvis
3. Lily Allen
4. The Bluetones
5. The Doors
6. The Rocky Horror Show [1991 Revival Cast]
7. The Beatles
8. The Beatles
9. Horrible Histories
10. Idina Menzel
11. Big Finish Productions
12. Soft Cell
13. Murray Gold
14. Mark Gatiss
15. Mamma Mia Cast
16. The Beatles
17. Richard & Linda Thompson
18. Smokey Robinson
19. Murray Gold
20. The Who
21. The Smiths
22. Elton John
23. Abba
24. The Little Shop of Horrors Cast
25. The Beatles

Turns out mine's not really that varied.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Snippets of Conversations

Sorry I haven't blogged in a While, I've been very very busy making this.
Sorry if you get sick of me posting it on things, but I'm VERY happy with it so.... tough.

Also this.

I make my own fun