Thursday, 24 September 2009

currently I'm meant to be writing my personal statement.
I've written all I can, and though I'm not massively happy with what I have so far, It's the best I can do for now, considering I've lost the will to live.
Roger the Archaeology man said he'd ring last night to tell me if he was working today but he didn't, so I'm assuming that I'm not going today. Unless of course he rang this morning while I was at school.
Stupid Rehersal yesterday, if it weren't for that I could have gone. actually, I'm glad of that rehersal, we really really needed it.

Liz's partay was such a laugh, I really enjoyed it, and have given my mum a list of the treatments that I want for my birthday :p

town this afternoon I think, although I might have to do some work, as well as fixing up my bike, cos I have to work all weekend at notcutts, and I really really can't be bothered.

I want to start work on the 5th doctor tshirt, but I can't until I've sorted my schoolwork out, so I'm unlikely to be starting it until maybe next saturday. Which seems too long to wait. I think possibly I'll try and gather all my stuff and then I can just get on with it asap.

Just gonna plug the new blog:

It's my sister's birthday today.

That's all for now

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