Sunday, 25 July 2010

Friday, 16 July 2010

This morning I woke up, checked my blogs, and had the delight of doing something that I don't often do in the morning. No, not read all of Hexachordal's Beatlesathon on Twitter, though that was fun, it was the chance to read a very very well written blog post by a friend of mine. Caitlin, your blog was amazing and I wish I had the work ethic to sit down and write something as well thought out as that.
If you haven't read Caitlin's blog, or don't follow it, go and read this article, and then follow her -Caitlin's Blog

Today one of my best friends is going to Brazil for Six Weeks with the (Prime Mininster's) Global Fellowship. Good Luck Jess, I'll miss you while you're gone.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Here's my back from Corfu post
Corfu was lovely, nice and hot, great pool, great sea, and on the whole Greek people seem to be massively friendly, and I got two free puddings in the course of the week. Our Rep got fired for people drunk, people got bitten by bugs and mozzies, we all have to hope that the Saga DOESN'T continue, and it poured with rain when I got home.
My sister went to Newquay and got a better tan than me. Nice One.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Goooooood Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning! It is indeed the day after my very last School Gathering. Yes, that's write, it's the morning after Prom.
And I have few things I just wanted to tell all of you, not just the people that read my blog, but people in general, as whole, that might stumble across this in many years to come. Those people will obviously think it's the early(ish) morning ramblings of a girl who desperately needs tea, but due to point number 2, can't get it up to her room very easily.
Here are my words, of wisdom
1. Never make a Youtube Video with the tag 'Feet' or 'Foot'. You will be innundated with Subscribers who are foot fetish channels.
2. It is a testament to how monumentally unfit I am that I woke up with leg cramp at 6 this morning.
3. Heels are Evil. Bad, Bad Heels.
4. Bad Dancing is always fun. Doing the Macarena to all songs is also great.
5. Never set your morning alarm when drunk. I tried to set mine for 10 and it went off at 1.
I think that's it.
Those 5 little knowledge Knuggets are the things that I'm sending you out into the world with.
Also some nice prom pictures