Thursday, 24 September 2009

I was considering my blog today, while I marked flint with a non-porus nailvarnish-like substance.
I've been blogging since Saturday, April 11th. The day of the Easter Doctor Who infact.
and really, my blog has been about nothing in particular. I feel like I should use it better, but everytime I try to do that, I get distracted.
I started this blog thinking I'd write every few days, and now I write twice daily most of the time. When I started Jane and Caitlin blogged all the time, and now, they're not so much.
It makes me wonder if I should really be blogging this much, and if I should be using the time that I do this and listen to DW Radio series to do work. Which is probably true.
I have a sneaky feeling I'll be the main contributor to BBP too, so I will try very hard to not hog the blog, so to speak.

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