Sunday, 27 June 2010

First off, quick apology for the lack of any sort of substantial blog recently. I'd say I've been busy, but to be honest, I haven't. Click Me took a while to do, most of Monday in fact, and if you haven't seen it yet, click on the Youtube picture at the side and then it's my most recent video.

I spent today hunting for Prom related things in the Harlequin in watford, and reading a book about Consumerism not being all it's cracked up to be, two things that clashed rather a lot. This and the fact that it's very very hot, too hot for me and too hot for my cat, made me thing about a few things.

Half the stuff I buy and want, I don't need. Those that know me reasonably well will know that I don't really buy clothes, and spend most of my money on DVDs, CDs, Books and, above all else, food. I spend SO MUCH on food when I'm out. It'll just be a toasted sandwhich and a drink for lunch, but then we'll also get coffee, and I'll get a coke and some crisps, and probably some sweets as well. When there's money in the bank, I'll go to Morries specifically to buy food to snack on, that I really don't need to buy or eat.

Since I've got a job, and bare in mind that I've been in constant work for nearly two years now and will soon start looking for a second job to supplement the pay from my Saturday Job during my gap year, I've noticed something. I go out less now than I did when I was on £15 a month pocket money. I used to go to Watford ALL THE TIME. Town every weekend, Watford at least twice a month, usually buying something. I know the train tickets cos less, but even so.

In an unrelated event that I meant to blog about but never got round to doing, a couple of weeks ago I was in town before work. I'd gone into MnS to get some lunch (spending my money on food again) and when I came out, I stopped to sort my bag out. The Big Issue guy was there and I'd just spent all my change on Lunch. He went 'Big Issue?', the way that Big Issue sellers are wont to do, and I went 'Sorry Mate, no change'. He gave me the FILTHIEST LOOK I have ever received. I just kinda ran/walked away. I know I'm middle class, have lots of money in comparison to some, just did a blog on my very own laptop which was bought for me complaining about lack of money, but I just wanted to turn around and go 'Actually, I think you'll find I've raised probably over £200 for Charity, and I am VERY sorry that none of it has gone to you, and if I had change I would have bought a Big Issue but I DON'T'

End of Rant/Blog

Monday, 21 June 2010

Click Me

Go on, it's fun.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Apparently the girl who used to have Leukemia is in with everyone else, she's not even in a slightly seperate room.
Beaumont, your failings get worse and worse.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Today I had a Drama exam. This blog is about that exam, but probably not about it in the way that you'd think. I'm not going to talk about how it went, what questions I answered or whether or not my hand ached afterward.
I'm going to talk about how it was organised.
My Exam was in the hall. Also in the Hall was the GCSE History Paper, which some of my sister's friends were taking. Their paper was two hours long to our two and half hour one.
When I got home from going to Jane's after the exam, Charlotte (my sister) was telling Mutti about how her friends felt really bad about being in the same room as us, and having to leave half way through and therefore disturbing us. My Mum too said it was pretty bad, having put us in the same room.
I, however, hadn't even thought about it like that. I'd just gone 'Oh, they're in the hall too. Fair enough, we're all going to be silent anyway.' Ok, so they were a little noisy after they'd left, but I wouldn't say they'd been a disturbance in any way other than that.
The point I'm trying to make is that I am so used to my exams being in rooms with other exams, or people leaving half way through - I took Triple Science GCSE, most of that was watching people leave before you - that I didn't even think it was odd, whereas my mum and sister, and her friends, thought it was awful. My Mum was seriously considering writing a letter of complaint, I believe.
At the end of our exam we had to sit in our seats, in silence, while the teachers faffed around collecting Lysistratas and Twelfth Night Notes, handing out forms to be signed - Mine had already been given to and signed by someone else before they realised that it wasn't theirs. It had to be crossed out. I hope that doesn't affect it in any way. - and then called everyone to sign their notes. Why they couldn't have said this at the beginning, given out the forms to be signed at the beginning, or even straight after the exam, while the were collecting they could have been given out, I don't know.
My sister also told me today about another school exam failing. A girl in her year had Leukemia. She's recovering now, but due to chemotherapy her nerves are damaged and she finds it hard to concentrate unless she's alone, or as alone as you can be when taking an exam, and so she asked to be given a room to herself for her GCSEs. She's been put in a room with other people who have to be seperated. Although this is better than being in the full exam hall, she still finds it very difficult to concentrate, and with the amount of rooms in our school, you would think that one of them would be available. Another girl in my sister's year gets occasional panic attacks in exam time. This girl has been given a room to herself. This, to me, just doesn't seem fair. A Girl that has fought Leukemia, and that wants to do well in her exams and become a Doctor is being denied a fair chance at that.
I've written this blog with what I think is the facts, if they're not, I'll change them. If school, for some reason, find this, I honestly don't care. I've left school now, and I think that these things need to be said.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Stuff on the Wall

Click Me

Advertising, Chairs and my Desk.

Yesterday evening I cleared out my desk. Why did I suddenly decide that now was the right time to do it after putting it off for about a year and a half? I'd drunk two and a half litres of Diet Pepsi, that's why. Where it doesn't have sugar, it makes up for it in caffeine and so I was very very awake and jumpy at about half past nine at night. Clearing my desk seemed like the obvious thing to do. I'd just watched State of Play (British, not American - So much better) and that made me feel like being efficient.
Unfortunately, I'd forgotten a couple of the reasons that I'd been putting off clearing and using m desk. First off, it was full of rubbish that I'd forgotten why I'd wanted to keep. Although I did find some old photos which I'm getting reprinted. Prepare for hilarity, when I get a scanner. Secondly, the chair that I have for my desk is too low. Even with a cushion I'm at just the wrong height to sit comfortably and write, and although I can type easily enough, it's killing my shoulders. I can't even use the pull out section of my desk because to fit the laptop onto it, I have to pull it right out, and then it's jammed against my stomach because my desk is in the narrow part of my room.
On the plus side, I did get up earlier because I couldn't use the laptop while I was in bed. Although the flip of that, where I assumed that I would go to bed earlier because using the laptop at the desk was uncomfortable didn't really work. Hopefully the slight lack of sleep will mean that I get to bed earlier tonight so that I'm up and ready for the Drama exam tomorrow. Talking of which, I've done the plot of Twelfth Night with Post-its on my youtube channel, if you click on the youtube picture at the side, it'll take you there.
I'm Petitioning my parents to buy/partially buy me a new chair, preferably a spinny one, and a lamp. I also really would like a phone in my room, but I'm not sure how they will respond for that. My plan of attack is to point out that I'd pay for the actual phone itself, and during my gap year I'll be paying part of the phone bill anyway, so maybe I should be allowed to have my own phone. I do, however, have a feeling that this will go the same way as me attempting to be allowed a lock on my bedroom door, to which the answer was a resounding no.

The other day I searched for a Red Dwarf poster on What I didn't realise is that somehow the adverts on 4od try and sell you the things that you've looked at on different websites. Now next to Drop the Dead Donkey I am being advertised posters of stars and planets, which is not what I meant by Red Dwarf, but nevertheless, I do feel like I'm being spied on a little bit. Have you ever actually bought something from an advert? I mean, I have once I think, when I was about 11 I bought a hair streaker machine thing that could put different colours in your hair. It was undoubtably designed for straight haired children however, and I just ended up with a messy blue tangle where my fringe used to be.

Monday, 7 June 2010

So, what do you think of my new layout?
Also Anne's
I'm on a bloglayoutchanging Roll people!

Sunday, 6 June 2010


A few things I've learnt today.

'Holiday shop for Laura and Charlotte' = 'Let's just look for Charlotte's prom shoes while Laura considers stabbing herself to death with a Stilletto Heel'
I love Millets and wish I could buy all my clothes there. Ditto Gap.
Post It brand Post its are EXPENSIVE
I want to do lots of camping
Coca Cola Vanilla isn't as good as Diet Coke Vanilla
HnM Queues are full of idiots - If you're queuing for 5 mins, GET YOUR MONEY OUT BEFORE YOU GET TO THE FUCKING TILL. Good GOD.
You can in fact stub not only your toe, but your whole foot
Nowhere has shoes in a 5, but everywhere has shoes in a 7
Also lots of Cycling

That's it really
DW last night was awesome and I will at some point re-watch

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Hey there Bloggerinos
Apologies for the long time hiatus from Blogger, I don't really know what happened there but hopefully now I am back with Vengence and misspelt words
Today's topics will be:
Ashes to Ashes
Doctor Who
Drop the Dead Donkey

Ashes to Ashes
Well. What an ending. The internet nutters guessed right for once. The end of an era was handled well and there were few moments in the final few episodes that I could have critised. Jim Keats was fantastically played, and truly scary at times (like when he trashed the office) and I want to play that part. so much. SO MUCH.
Moving on from that, if you didn't understand the ending I'm referring you to my good friend Jess' Explanation Blog. Also the Jane Genie's Review Blog which is really very good and much better than mine could be.
What's next?
Ah yes

Doctor Who
I think the series so far has been very very good, and I adore Matt Smith. I honestly think, and I know it's cheesy, that he's becoming my New Series Doctor. Peter Davison will always be MY Doctor. Now, I've warned you of Spoilers, and if you didn't care about Ashes but do care about Doctor Who and HAVEN'T seen this saturday's episode yet Look Away NOW! Go on! Skip to the bit about Drop The Dead Donkey. Seriously. Piss Off. Go on. In Fact, Go watch it on iPlayer! NOW! Good, now they've gone

Blank Space for Good Measure

Rory's Death. It was upsetting, Amy's reaction was just... really moving. But honestly, in my heart of hearts (I have two as well) I think it was purely just for Plot. (I know, everything that happens is plot, but let me get my point across before you attack me. Jeez....) I think if they were going to Kill him, they should have either done it later in the series or earlier in the series. They should have done a good long run of Rory Episodes, rather than what... 4? so that we got to know and care for him as a character more. And they SHOULDN'T HAVE KILLED HIM IN THE DREAM EPISODE WITH ONLY ONE EPISODE BETWEEN THAT AND THIS!!! I just think that it lessened the impact SO much. Yes, we needed that death in the Dream One so that Amy could make her choice and we'd see that she cared but I don't think enough time was left
Also thought the Silurian episodes were a bit weird, but I loved them anyway
Moving on from that Rant

Drop the Dead Donkey
Is a TV programme that ran from 1990-1998, set in Globelink News offices. It's very very topical (so topical that on 4od they have to tell you what happened in the week before it so that the jokes make sense) and if you're into Politics (Jess, Caitlin) or... you know, lols, I think you should go and watch it NOW! I'm getting a major crush on Damian, despite the 90's clothes. Also, it's fun to play 'Let's see if there is an episode set on the day I was born!' There isn't, for me, it's very disappointing
I've watched the first 4 series now, and do have a couple favourite episodes, but really you should watch from the beginning. There are loads of little parts from people you know (GENE HUNT! And also Jess, that crap actor from Casualty that played the dad in that episode we watched together? He's in one) and also Amos Diggory is there. Go watch it. Now. Have a link - Drop the Dead Donkey

I love formspring, but have banned myself from asking people questions due to making a tit of myself on it recently
Also, an appeal; I got this as an anonymous message on Formspring :
'You're cool. I'd like you to know that you inspire me to be myself, however i'm being whimpy and doing it over formspring 1. because we have a past in a weird way 2. therefore it would be awkward and sound stalkerish chow for now :D xxxxxx'
If you know who that is and could tell me so I could go say thanks to them that would be LOVELY

You might know this already but I want to be a Children's Television Presenter. Like, Cbeebies age I think. I also like puppets and am, even if I do say so myself, a pretty good hand puppeteer. Hence my purchase of a Sooty Puppet the other day. I love him Lots. That is all.

Also, a few other things on my mind:
Stop advertising stuff at me on twitter or I will unfollow you. I'm NOT going to take any notice of them!
Simmons will do a buffet for two to 100 - anyone want to get 'Buffet B - Ideal for Parties and a more substantial working lunch' after exams?
Those interested in being part of a topsecret thing for youtube, email me!

Bye All!