Sunday, 29 November 2009

Today has been unproductive, mainly
Went to work, was a NIGHTMARE
Don't get me started
Watched Spin City, didn't do my drama work, changed my hair in a way that may not last until tomorrow
Who, Knows.
Morning, Merlin fans
The rain/hail woke me up early, as usual
The l key on this keyboard is rebelling yet again
I don't get paid until tomorrow, when I thought I got paid friday
On the plus side, I have time to watch a bit of Spin City before work
Michael J Fox, how can you be so ridiculously sexy

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Again I am up before 10
Stupid people who actually get up in my house
I'd rather be in bed in my pjs that up and on the ps2 in my pjs (that's my brother)

This is an entirely pointless blog
I apologise

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Since Tuesday, stuff's happened.
We've finally sorted a bit more of Drama, and actually know what we're doing. Sort of.

I didn't eat much. At all. 4 cans of diet coke, a small peice of flapjack and then my dinner. I'm not sure why I didn't eat much, I just, didn't.
Got rather hyper tho.

Again, didn't eat much. Mainly due to lack of food this time.

That way of writing doesn't work for me, I give up on it

Tuesday morning I got roped into helping with 4.48 pyschosis.
Wednesday, I did a lot for it, just before the show.
I just wanna say, even tho none of those who were in it read my blog (except possibly doug), it was amazing, and it looked amazing
After 4.48 (declining curry due to stuff at home) went to Liz's for PARTAY
Actually had such a good night even tho I didn't drink at all, and spent the entire evening almost playing guitar with jamie, mini n various people who drifted in and out
I wasn't anti-social, I was just, slightly to the side, like.

Good times

And today, I went shopping, bought stuff, saw stuff I wanted for birthday etc.

Tomorrow, bring on the takeaway and Back to the Future-a-thon with James.

It's gonna have been a good week.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Morning all

Recently, I've been reading a lot about Michael J Fox, cos I love him in everything I've seen him do

But his books have taught me about Parkinsons, and what the sufferers of PD go through

And I'd just like to know why more isn't done to raise money for research into it. The BBC, one of the country's biggest charity supporters, I'd say, hasn't done a big fundraiser for it (that I could remember/find, correct me if I'm wrong)

Yes, they do Children in Need, Comic Relief, all the many many Blue Peter appeals and the like, but seriously, and I mean this in the best way I possibly, POSSIBLY, can, they need to move wider. Do something NEW. A different charity every year, more fundraisers, I don't know. But PD and Alzheimer's can be cured, and if not that, at least the symptoms can be lessened, if we put more money into stem cell research

I don't know where Obama stands on Stem Cell research, I know Bush limited it MASSIVELY because he thought it wasn't pro-life, I don't know where the British Government stand on it because the internet is too difficult to navigate this morning.

I know, having read this back, that this sounds really corny and bleh, but seriously. Prepare yourself for a sponsored something coming your way sometime after christmas.

Here's MJF himself, watch this. Do it.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Morning Merlin Fans!
Yes, it's another early morning post from me
My 'early to bed, early to rise' plan failed on the first half, but the early to rise worked due entirely to the tender, loving caresses of the rain, slamming against my window
Thanks, Precipitation

Friday, 20 November 2009

Tomorrow, I am going to sleep/spend most of the day in bed
BUT before Katie's partay I can either:
Watch Merlin, possibly get v.depressed, see all of it, but not have time to think bout it properly over the evening
I can watch Stuart Little, not see the end which doesn't bother me, and be happy yays for party, then watch Merlin on iplayer?

Back again

Yes, It's me, back again
Unsurprising really considering this is my blog.
Nothing like a bit of downloading to start the day
Trying to pick a song for this drama thing Medforth wants us to do
I'm deliberating between a few, the problem is, we wants us to make a character for each song, and it's hard to pick a song without a character already in mind
I think I've got one, a RiD one, but that could change within the walk to school/the next half hour
We'll see
I might ring Anne, tell her I'm going early, because I am SO bored, and want to get some stuff from the school library
I think I will
Farewell all

Yes, I know it's 7 in the morning (or thereabouts)

I'm awake because of the rain, and have been for the past... half an hour or so
Why did this have to happen on one of the days where I don't have lesson 1? Why?
It also made me think, maybe I didn't wake up because of the rain, maybe my body has adapted to need less sleep. You see, for the past few days/week or so, I've been going to bed at half 12/1ish, and getting up at half 6/7ish regardless. Now, I know that's 6 hours, and more than some people get, but it's less than I thought I needed. Who knows.
Well, judging by the sounds of the rain still landing on my window, lied to me again. Damn you, damn you.

On the plus side, I woke up with a bit of an idea for drama, but I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to put it forward. I'm also probably going to adapt the 10 minutes I had planned, depending on if the book I want is in the Library at school. I think it might be.

My anti-spot routine was going well until I just realised I have a mahoosive spot on my forehead.
Oh, the trials and tribulations of being a teen.

I should probably actually get up.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

hello all!


Sunday, 15 November 2009

Doctor Who - Part 2!

Just realised how HARSH that was.
I'm not going to edit it, cos I mean it all, but I did enjoy it, I did, I just.... yeah.
Thought you should all know

Doctor Who!

Do not read ahead if you haven't seen it

Well. Well.
I don't really know whether to put that was as good as I thought it was going to be.
Oh, RTD, do you have a book of Cliches which you pick from at random? Solar Flares again eh?
Lots of nice little lines tho, Bikes, 'The Doctor, Doctor,... Fun.'
BBC printed ALL OVER Bowie (love it) base 1, did anyone else see that?
Liked the back references, to last series and to the Ice Warriors. I love a Classics reference me.
Spasms while being possessed. Do something different would you? Please? Overdone.
How many cut shots of the fake BBC news website thing could they POSSIBLY have done? Yes, they're meant to die 21st November 2059, I GET IT. That's 50 years next saturday, if anyone missed that, or wants to put it in their diaries.
That speedy robot was great first time, but the shot of it going across Mars to the TARDIS? Bleh, I laughed, ruined the moment
Dark Doctor. Dark dark. Setting us up for a new Dark Doctor in the form of Matt Smith? Maybe, maybe
I knew he'd save them from the off, I knew the moment they got on earth she was going to kill herself. I know the Doctor is meant to be this great, 'everybody lives' guy, but for once, ONCE could he have let them die? Surely that would be worse than what happened anyway?
I know it's meant to show he lost control, he thought he was the best, but still.
The Timelord Victorious = The Master Vainglorious
What the HELL was that ood doing there?

That was.. odd, as an episode. Liked the idea, but, and I hate to say this because Doctor Who is SUCH a big part of my life, I looked more forward to, and possibly enjoyed Merlin more.


Don't forget there's a preview of the christmas one on Children in need night on Friday.
Tho I don't really watch that, so I might just youtube it.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Today I had a plan. Get up, Tidy room, do english essay, watch merlin, chill
Today I: Got up at half past 9, did nothing, had lunch, decided it was time to tidy my room, picked up the clean clothes (by clean I mean, they've been on my floor, folded for a while and are therefore not actually that clean anymore) and put them on my bed which I planned to change the sheets of later, put all my prospectuses in the recycling, took the clean clothes off the bed and put them back on the floor, swept most of the crumbs from them back onto the floor, onto the clothes, and am now on the laptop watching Back to The Future.
I haven't done the essay either. I'll do it tomorrow and it'll be appalling

Yes, I'm a mess.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Post post

Drama today was... odd.
English was... boring like usual, apart from some A-MEH-ZING fiction from Jane.
Drama we had to take this poem, use three couplets from it, and perform something with those in. Ours was shambolic, the second one had a narrator and the third was genius.
English, there was NO BREAK. Surprise surprise. Alessia was knobbing about as usual and I was texting throughout.

God knows what's going on with the rest of my life, tho a nice lady, Also called Laura, just rang me to make sure my appointment at Halifax is still good.

Medforth is cross with me.
Ah well.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Why? Why does my dad feel the need to tidy?
He just gets in a foul mood, which puts all of US in a foul mood.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Evening, Laura fans

Well, not much has happened recently in my life.
Re-connected with an old friend
Forgot to mention the Russo-Japanese war in a practice essay and therefore went from what would have apparently been a decent B grade essay to a D. Damn that war
Going to Ben's tonight for Poker. Will be the only girl there. Not sure if that's good or bad, as I don't know A) how to play poker and B) I don't know who's going.
Fireworks tomorrow.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Happy Novone!

Hello hello!
Pinch Punch etc

I'm off work today, decided to take it off to do the work I have got to do for school. So far today I have done NONE of it.
I have such a crap work ethic. I've basically just been working out which ones I HAVE to do today, and which I can procrastinate off to another day. (Can Procrastinate be used like that?)
Hope everyone had a good Hallowe'en/a good Saturday if you don't do Hallowe'en

Went to Zanny's friday night, I think I mentioned it. Still have the black nail varnish on, well, half on, I've been picking it off. Had good times, bonne temps and guten minuten

Spent actual Hallowe'en night babysitting for my mum's friend Rose. Her kids are called Scarlett and Lily and are adorable! I hadn't babysat them in a while, so they were slightly bigger than I remember them being. Scarlett had been in a panto and Lily had been trick-or-treating, so they were sleepy anyway, so went to sleep quite quickly. Lily, who is... 5 or 6, is reading Harry Potter 3, so I read some of that to her and then went downstairs

One of the problems of babysitting on a Saturday rather than a friday, is that there's no good telly if you don't watch X-factor, which I don't. So after watching the end of Strictly, I watched Ghostbusters 2, which is MUCH better than Ghostbusters, I'd say. (Also, Rick Moranis in a Ghostbusters Uniform? Graaa, J'aime, oui?) Then I watched Family Guy and American Dad on BBC 3

So, today is unproductive. I might look up some more stuff about Canada, like, Ski lodges and things, my parents seem to think I'd be able to get a job with board at a ski place. (For those who didn't know, I plan to go to Canada for a while in my gap year, like, march time so not too hot, nice and cold for me.)

People who care, I did get to go to the exhibition yesterday, it was called 'Beatles to Bowie - the 60s exposed' and it was very very good, I recommend it to those who like photos. And the 60s.
Carnaby street was great, but despite me going 'Ohh look at that Vespa, it's gorgeous' etcetc at my mum, there is still no give on the 'Laura having a scooter' ban.

Farewell all, and I hope you enjoyed this (for me) very long post