Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy 2010!

Happy New year to you all!

I've started 2010 with a headache, a strong cup of tea, an awesome sausage sandwich, (double sausages, and veggie of course), two cups of diet coke, a packet of quavers and part of a chocolate orange

I hope that doesn't predict my diet for the rest of the year :s

Party last night was better than I thought it might have been, mainly due to the appearance of more people that I knew. Great time, drank not a lot (in my head, anyway. Tbh I could have drunk more, so...). Got back about 1/1.30, n was like 'Hiii' to my brother and his friends before I realised that they weren't there - cue frantic phone calling and the response 'what? we've gone for a walk'
Made some new friends last night I reckon, tho I can't remember their surnames so I can't add them on facebook (fail, I know)
Everything's more fun if you're wearing a cape, that's what I've learnt

Well, (like you all care) here are my resolutions for this year. Ask me this time next year if I've kept them:

1. Actually try and do some work at school
2. Try n keep my room slightly tidy, most of the time
3. Eat healthier (not today, obviously)
4. Keep a diary

4 though, I have a conundrum to deal with. As you know, Katie gave me a gorgeous book to write about my gap year in. Do I start that NOW and keep a diary from the beginning of this year year, like, 2010, or do I start it in September when you lot all scuttle off to uni? Opinions?

And once again, Happy Hogmanay!

And for those geeky people like me - only 5 years until Marty Mcfly Jr narrowly avoids arrest.
Good times

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  1. Keep it now, because this is a year in which a lot of things will change :)