Wednesday, 30 December 2009

5 days without a blog? What's going on in the world

Here's a catch up
Boxing day was great, my Aunt n Uncle came down, we swapped pressies, had a laugh, played the dictionary game
27th, I had work. Could have been better. Everyone thought it was going to be dead all day, so we only had 3 members of staff. I was on the back bar (means I was doing orders like jacket taters and sandwiches, toasties etc). It was BUSY. Such a nightmare
28th. Shopshopshopshop. Spent a good chunk of my birthday money, got a whole new outfit, lots of bits n peices I've been meaning to get for a while
29th. Drama rehearsal at Dougy's all day. Actually got something done, as well as loads of gossipping :p
and today, I plan to go to town, do some work (yeah right) and then go to Nandos dans the evening with the Thesps

Oh, Also, I've got an interview at the Library! 13th Jan, so not for a while, and I can't remember if that's on a resit day (cos I've lost my timetable), but I am VERY excited n hopeful that I get the job
That was a weird phonecall to have to take in Anne's car :p

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