Sunday, 24 January 2010

It's a pre-work blogpost!

Morning all
Friday was embarressing, but drinkies with Jane after made it all better
Last night was uberawesomes, but joe baker's rubbish timing meant that me saying hi to him, was me saying bye to him cos me n Katie had to go cos, unlike the others, we had to get up this morning. Something I am regretting. Unfortunately, cannot do a Charlotte n ring in sick cos of a hangover, as I do not have a hangover. I'm just really tired, and cold, and cbbaaaaa with work, as I'd hoped to be resigning today, but there has been no word from the library officially

I still haven't done that gothic essay for Miss Dean. Ah well, I'll just hope she doesn't mention it

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  1. Don't bother w/ the Gothic essay. I did it last week, and she never asked for it.