Thursday, 21 January 2010

Ok, so it's a day late. and probably not very long, but here is my post

Drama seems to be slightly more sorted, and now tuesday's stress is over we can concentrate more on the rest
I've taken on a bit of script writing so as to get more of it done, which is more editing now. I don't really mind, once I've got into the characters it's pretty easy to get down. I know what I'm doing for most of it too, so that's all good. Although tomorrow I have to perform an uncomfortable scene to Beth. and I know it's only Beth, but still, I've never had cause to do this in public before. :s
English going well, apart from the resit which was really a bit of a fail, but I think everyone found it harder than before. Stupid Crises in texts. I mean, wth!
History is dittoed to that. The resits were horrible, and seem to have been the same across the board, which I take as some sort of consolation. Bleh, Nullification.
I think, really, that's all I have to say about the past week or so.
Hm. Hope you weren't expecting something really awesome.
I'm glad this week is nearly over, it's been very stressful.

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