Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year, New Blog

It's very nearly the end of the first day of the year
And really, it's been a pretty decent year so far
Doctor Who AND Gavin and Stacey

Doctor Who was amazing, and I know that some people (people who I have removed from my facebook feed, and yes I am that petty) didn't like it. Personally, I think David Tennant could barely have wished for a better send off
I was crying for a lot of it, from when Wilf tried to give him the pistol, practically solidly until the end
I thought that the weird 'Let's visit everyone' ending was a little odd, and I'm sorry but where in the hell was Cap.Jack? The Flashback Bar? Nice one RTD
I thought the Timelords could have been done maybe a little better. I know they're meant to have gone uberbad since the Time War, but still, a little more Pomp and Circumstance, a little less crazy Professor Trawlany (sp?) going on please.
and David Tennant. So Beautifully played. That rivals Peter Davison's Exit, it really does. and I know he's 10, and a Doctor in his own right, but there were SO many little 5 moments in there.
Who was The Woman? Was she Donna? Was she The Doctor's Mum? Was she Romana? (Time lady, travelled with the 4th Doctor, short for 'Romanadvortrelunda'. Played by Mary Tamm and then Lalla Ward)
I'm sure it'll get explained, as she's becoming a Weeping Angel, and they're back next series.
'Geronimo!' I'm quite excited for Matt Smith. He seems like a good Doctor in the like, 30 seconds I've seen him do.
Also, are we getting a new Tardis Desktop Theme? I really really hope so, I'm fed up of Coral.

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  1. i love the new blog :) and i loved DW and MS looks good but i miss DT and RTD and JG.