Thursday, 26 November 2009

Since Tuesday, stuff's happened.
We've finally sorted a bit more of Drama, and actually know what we're doing. Sort of.

I didn't eat much. At all. 4 cans of diet coke, a small peice of flapjack and then my dinner. I'm not sure why I didn't eat much, I just, didn't.
Got rather hyper tho.

Again, didn't eat much. Mainly due to lack of food this time.

That way of writing doesn't work for me, I give up on it

Tuesday morning I got roped into helping with 4.48 pyschosis.
Wednesday, I did a lot for it, just before the show.
I just wanna say, even tho none of those who were in it read my blog (except possibly doug), it was amazing, and it looked amazing
After 4.48 (declining curry due to stuff at home) went to Liz's for PARTAY
Actually had such a good night even tho I didn't drink at all, and spent the entire evening almost playing guitar with jamie, mini n various people who drifted in and out
I wasn't anti-social, I was just, slightly to the side, like.

Good times

And today, I went shopping, bought stuff, saw stuff I wanted for birthday etc.

Tomorrow, bring on the takeaway and Back to the Future-a-thon with James.

It's gonna have been a good week.

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  1. Sounds like fun :) I can't wait till your party what do you want?