Saturday, 14 November 2009

Today I had a plan. Get up, Tidy room, do english essay, watch merlin, chill
Today I: Got up at half past 9, did nothing, had lunch, decided it was time to tidy my room, picked up the clean clothes (by clean I mean, they've been on my floor, folded for a while and are therefore not actually that clean anymore) and put them on my bed which I planned to change the sheets of later, put all my prospectuses in the recycling, took the clean clothes off the bed and put them back on the floor, swept most of the crumbs from them back onto the floor, onto the clothes, and am now on the laptop watching Back to The Future.
I haven't done the essay either. I'll do it tomorrow and it'll be appalling

Yes, I'm a mess.

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  1. i am the same :) today has gone down the pan!!