Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Morning all

Recently, I've been reading a lot about Michael J Fox, cos I love him in everything I've seen him do

But his books have taught me about Parkinsons, and what the sufferers of PD go through

And I'd just like to know why more isn't done to raise money for research into it. The BBC, one of the country's biggest charity supporters, I'd say, hasn't done a big fundraiser for it (that I could remember/find, correct me if I'm wrong)

Yes, they do Children in Need, Comic Relief, all the many many Blue Peter appeals and the like, but seriously, and I mean this in the best way I possibly, POSSIBLY, can, they need to move wider. Do something NEW. A different charity every year, more fundraisers, I don't know. But PD and Alzheimer's can be cured, and if not that, at least the symptoms can be lessened, if we put more money into stem cell research

I don't know where Obama stands on Stem Cell research, I know Bush limited it MASSIVELY because he thought it wasn't pro-life, I don't know where the British Government stand on it because the internet is too difficult to navigate this morning.

I know, having read this back, that this sounds really corny and bleh, but seriously. Prepare yourself for a sponsored something coming your way sometime after christmas.

Here's MJF himself, watch this. Do it.

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  1. if you wanted to know obama is pro stem-cell research, and now allows government money to pay for research machines and whatnot :)this is an overturning on the stupidity of bush, who made government funding prohibited for stem cell research. God I sound like a loser. But I agree with you but the BBC cant do everything! x