Sunday, 15 November 2009

Doctor Who!

Do not read ahead if you haven't seen it

Well. Well.
I don't really know whether to put that was as good as I thought it was going to be.
Oh, RTD, do you have a book of Cliches which you pick from at random? Solar Flares again eh?
Lots of nice little lines tho, Bikes, 'The Doctor, Doctor,... Fun.'
BBC printed ALL OVER Bowie (love it) base 1, did anyone else see that?
Liked the back references, to last series and to the Ice Warriors. I love a Classics reference me.
Spasms while being possessed. Do something different would you? Please? Overdone.
How many cut shots of the fake BBC news website thing could they POSSIBLY have done? Yes, they're meant to die 21st November 2059, I GET IT. That's 50 years next saturday, if anyone missed that, or wants to put it in their diaries.
That speedy robot was great first time, but the shot of it going across Mars to the TARDIS? Bleh, I laughed, ruined the moment
Dark Doctor. Dark dark. Setting us up for a new Dark Doctor in the form of Matt Smith? Maybe, maybe
I knew he'd save them from the off, I knew the moment they got on earth she was going to kill herself. I know the Doctor is meant to be this great, 'everybody lives' guy, but for once, ONCE could he have let them die? Surely that would be worse than what happened anyway?
I know it's meant to show he lost control, he thought he was the best, but still.
The Timelord Victorious = The Master Vainglorious
What the HELL was that ood doing there?

That was.. odd, as an episode. Liked the idea, but, and I hate to say this because Doctor Who is SUCH a big part of my life, I looked more forward to, and possibly enjoyed Merlin more.


Don't forget there's a preview of the christmas one on Children in need night on Friday.
Tho I don't really watch that, so I might just youtube it.


  1. wow you were on the ball writing that review and sadly, as i didn't want to admit it on facebook or twitter, everything you have said is true. But i think after seeing Torchwood and the way jack doesn't save the boy it was going to be a disappointment !

    I'm not sure if i like this new dark doctor, where was his humour? his cheekiness?

    Thats what i wanted.

  2. I actually thought it was excellent.
    Yes, cliches.
    Yes! '... Fun.'
    Sorry I didn't see the BBC thing
    Got all the last series things but no classics obv.
    Yes, for Christ's sake, spasms. Although I don't know what else they could do, it is still a little dull.
    Those fake BBC News things were going to kill me. Why zoom in three times on four and then twice on the others? WHY? I GOT IT!
    I am totally putting that in my diary. MAybe I'll put it in my diary every November for the next 50 years and laugh at myself aged 67.
    I actually hated speedy robot. I totally got what he said about ridiculous robot voices etc, but then they got on the speedy robot and zoomed along... at the same pace at which they had been running. Thanks for that pointless gig. And then the robot produced a key from approximately nowhere. And got wet, took infected water back to Earth and affected no one.
    Dark doctor is scary.
    How will dark Matt Smith keep ratings?
    They should have died. I get the point in it all, but they should have died. And yes she was always going to kill herself, but I totally felt her terror and revulsion at Voldemort Doctor.
    I totally got that he was turning into the Master.
    What the HELL was that Ood doing there?