Sunday, 1 November 2009

Happy Novone!

Hello hello!
Pinch Punch etc

I'm off work today, decided to take it off to do the work I have got to do for school. So far today I have done NONE of it.
I have such a crap work ethic. I've basically just been working out which ones I HAVE to do today, and which I can procrastinate off to another day. (Can Procrastinate be used like that?)
Hope everyone had a good Hallowe'en/a good Saturday if you don't do Hallowe'en

Went to Zanny's friday night, I think I mentioned it. Still have the black nail varnish on, well, half on, I've been picking it off. Had good times, bonne temps and guten minuten

Spent actual Hallowe'en night babysitting for my mum's friend Rose. Her kids are called Scarlett and Lily and are adorable! I hadn't babysat them in a while, so they were slightly bigger than I remember them being. Scarlett had been in a panto and Lily had been trick-or-treating, so they were sleepy anyway, so went to sleep quite quickly. Lily, who is... 5 or 6, is reading Harry Potter 3, so I read some of that to her and then went downstairs

One of the problems of babysitting on a Saturday rather than a friday, is that there's no good telly if you don't watch X-factor, which I don't. So after watching the end of Strictly, I watched Ghostbusters 2, which is MUCH better than Ghostbusters, I'd say. (Also, Rick Moranis in a Ghostbusters Uniform? Graaa, J'aime, oui?) Then I watched Family Guy and American Dad on BBC 3

So, today is unproductive. I might look up some more stuff about Canada, like, Ski lodges and things, my parents seem to think I'd be able to get a job with board at a ski place. (For those who didn't know, I plan to go to Canada for a while in my gap year, like, march time so not too hot, nice and cold for me.)

People who care, I did get to go to the exhibition yesterday, it was called 'Beatles to Bowie - the 60s exposed' and it was very very good, I recommend it to those who like photos. And the 60s.
Carnaby street was great, but despite me going 'Ohh look at that Vespa, it's gorgeous' etcetc at my mum, there is still no give on the 'Laura having a scooter' ban.

Farewell all, and I hope you enjoyed this (for me) very long post

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  1. I saw the same exhibition today it was AMAZING god they looked god didn't they :)

    i don't think many people have done much work today!!