Sunday, 6 June 2010


A few things I've learnt today.

'Holiday shop for Laura and Charlotte' = 'Let's just look for Charlotte's prom shoes while Laura considers stabbing herself to death with a Stilletto Heel'
I love Millets and wish I could buy all my clothes there. Ditto Gap.
Post It brand Post its are EXPENSIVE
I want to do lots of camping
Coca Cola Vanilla isn't as good as Diet Coke Vanilla
HnM Queues are full of idiots - If you're queuing for 5 mins, GET YOUR MONEY OUT BEFORE YOU GET TO THE FUCKING TILL. Good GOD.
You can in fact stub not only your toe, but your whole foot
Nowhere has shoes in a 5, but everywhere has shoes in a 7
Also lots of Cycling

That's it really
DW last night was awesome and I will at some point re-watch

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