Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Advertising, Chairs and my Desk.

Yesterday evening I cleared out my desk. Why did I suddenly decide that now was the right time to do it after putting it off for about a year and a half? I'd drunk two and a half litres of Diet Pepsi, that's why. Where it doesn't have sugar, it makes up for it in caffeine and so I was very very awake and jumpy at about half past nine at night. Clearing my desk seemed like the obvious thing to do. I'd just watched State of Play (British, not American - So much better) and that made me feel like being efficient.
Unfortunately, I'd forgotten a couple of the reasons that I'd been putting off clearing and using m desk. First off, it was full of rubbish that I'd forgotten why I'd wanted to keep. Although I did find some old photos which I'm getting reprinted. Prepare for hilarity, when I get a scanner. Secondly, the chair that I have for my desk is too low. Even with a cushion I'm at just the wrong height to sit comfortably and write, and although I can type easily enough, it's killing my shoulders. I can't even use the pull out section of my desk because to fit the laptop onto it, I have to pull it right out, and then it's jammed against my stomach because my desk is in the narrow part of my room.
On the plus side, I did get up earlier because I couldn't use the laptop while I was in bed. Although the flip of that, where I assumed that I would go to bed earlier because using the laptop at the desk was uncomfortable didn't really work. Hopefully the slight lack of sleep will mean that I get to bed earlier tonight so that I'm up and ready for the Drama exam tomorrow. Talking of which, I've done the plot of Twelfth Night with Post-its on my youtube channel, if you click on the youtube picture at the side, it'll take you there.
I'm Petitioning my parents to buy/partially buy me a new chair, preferably a spinny one, and a lamp. I also really would like a phone in my room, but I'm not sure how they will respond for that. My plan of attack is to point out that I'd pay for the actual phone itself, and during my gap year I'll be paying part of the phone bill anyway, so maybe I should be allowed to have my own phone. I do, however, have a feeling that this will go the same way as me attempting to be allowed a lock on my bedroom door, to which the answer was a resounding no.

The other day I searched for a Red Dwarf poster on allposters.com. What I didn't realise is that somehow the adverts on 4od try and sell you the things that you've looked at on different websites. Now next to Drop the Dead Donkey I am being advertised posters of stars and planets, which is not what I meant by Red Dwarf, but nevertheless, I do feel like I'm being spied on a little bit. Have you ever actually bought something from an advert? I mean, I have once I think, when I was about 11 I bought a hair streaker machine thing that could put different colours in your hair. It was undoubtably designed for straight haired children however, and I just ended up with a messy blue tangle where my fringe used to be.

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