Sunday, 27 June 2010

First off, quick apology for the lack of any sort of substantial blog recently. I'd say I've been busy, but to be honest, I haven't. Click Me took a while to do, most of Monday in fact, and if you haven't seen it yet, click on the Youtube picture at the side and then it's my most recent video.

I spent today hunting for Prom related things in the Harlequin in watford, and reading a book about Consumerism not being all it's cracked up to be, two things that clashed rather a lot. This and the fact that it's very very hot, too hot for me and too hot for my cat, made me thing about a few things.

Half the stuff I buy and want, I don't need. Those that know me reasonably well will know that I don't really buy clothes, and spend most of my money on DVDs, CDs, Books and, above all else, food. I spend SO MUCH on food when I'm out. It'll just be a toasted sandwhich and a drink for lunch, but then we'll also get coffee, and I'll get a coke and some crisps, and probably some sweets as well. When there's money in the bank, I'll go to Morries specifically to buy food to snack on, that I really don't need to buy or eat.

Since I've got a job, and bare in mind that I've been in constant work for nearly two years now and will soon start looking for a second job to supplement the pay from my Saturday Job during my gap year, I've noticed something. I go out less now than I did when I was on £15 a month pocket money. I used to go to Watford ALL THE TIME. Town every weekend, Watford at least twice a month, usually buying something. I know the train tickets cos less, but even so.

In an unrelated event that I meant to blog about but never got round to doing, a couple of weeks ago I was in town before work. I'd gone into MnS to get some lunch (spending my money on food again) and when I came out, I stopped to sort my bag out. The Big Issue guy was there and I'd just spent all my change on Lunch. He went 'Big Issue?', the way that Big Issue sellers are wont to do, and I went 'Sorry Mate, no change'. He gave me the FILTHIEST LOOK I have ever received. I just kinda ran/walked away. I know I'm middle class, have lots of money in comparison to some, just did a blog on my very own laptop which was bought for me complaining about lack of money, but I just wanted to turn around and go 'Actually, I think you'll find I've raised probably over £200 for Charity, and I am VERY sorry that none of it has gone to you, and if I had change I would have bought a Big Issue but I DON'T'

End of Rant/Blog

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