Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Hey there Bloggerinos
Apologies for the long time hiatus from Blogger, I don't really know what happened there but hopefully now I am back with Vengence and misspelt words
Today's topics will be:
Ashes to Ashes
Doctor Who
Drop the Dead Donkey

Ashes to Ashes
Well. What an ending. The internet nutters guessed right for once. The end of an era was handled well and there were few moments in the final few episodes that I could have critised. Jim Keats was fantastically played, and truly scary at times (like when he trashed the office) and I want to play that part. so much. SO MUCH.
Moving on from that, if you didn't understand the ending I'm referring you to my good friend Jess' Explanation Blog. Also the Jane Genie's Review Blog which is really very good and much better than mine could be.
What's next?
Ah yes

Doctor Who
I think the series so far has been very very good, and I adore Matt Smith. I honestly think, and I know it's cheesy, that he's becoming my New Series Doctor. Peter Davison will always be MY Doctor. Now, I've warned you of Spoilers, and if you didn't care about Ashes but do care about Doctor Who and HAVEN'T seen this saturday's episode yet Look Away NOW! Go on! Skip to the bit about Drop The Dead Donkey. Seriously. Piss Off. Go on. In Fact, Go watch it on iPlayer! NOW! Good, now they've gone

Blank Space for Good Measure

Rory's Death. It was upsetting, Amy's reaction was just... really moving. But honestly, in my heart of hearts (I have two as well) I think it was purely just for Plot. (I know, everything that happens is plot, but let me get my point across before you attack me. Jeez....) I think if they were going to Kill him, they should have either done it later in the series or earlier in the series. They should have done a good long run of Rory Episodes, rather than what... 4? so that we got to know and care for him as a character more. And they SHOULDN'T HAVE KILLED HIM IN THE DREAM EPISODE WITH ONLY ONE EPISODE BETWEEN THAT AND THIS!!! I just think that it lessened the impact SO much. Yes, we needed that death in the Dream One so that Amy could make her choice and we'd see that she cared but I don't think enough time was left
Also thought the Silurian episodes were a bit weird, but I loved them anyway
Moving on from that Rant

Drop the Dead Donkey
Is a TV programme that ran from 1990-1998, set in Globelink News offices. It's very very topical (so topical that on 4od they have to tell you what happened in the week before it so that the jokes make sense) and if you're into Politics (Jess, Caitlin) or... you know, lols, I think you should go and watch it NOW! I'm getting a major crush on Damian, despite the 90's clothes. Also, it's fun to play 'Let's see if there is an episode set on the day I was born!' There isn't, for me, it's very disappointing
I've watched the first 4 series now, and do have a couple favourite episodes, but really you should watch from the beginning. There are loads of little parts from people you know (GENE HUNT! And also Jess, that crap actor from Casualty that played the dad in that episode we watched together? He's in one) and also Amos Diggory is there. Go watch it. Now. Have a link - Drop the Dead Donkey

I love formspring, but have banned myself from asking people questions due to making a tit of myself on it recently
Also, an appeal; I got this as an anonymous message on Formspring :
'You're cool. I'd like you to know that you inspire me to be myself, however i'm being whimpy and doing it over formspring 1. because we have a past in a weird way 2. therefore it would be awkward and sound stalkerish chow for now :D xxxxxx'
If you know who that is and could tell me so I could go say thanks to them that would be LOVELY

You might know this already but I want to be a Children's Television Presenter. Like, Cbeebies age I think. I also like puppets and am, even if I do say so myself, a pretty good hand puppeteer. Hence my purchase of a Sooty Puppet the other day. I love him Lots. That is all.

Also, a few other things on my mind:
Stop advertising stuff at me on twitter or I will unfollow you. I'm NOT going to take any notice of them!
Simmons will do a buffet for two to 100 - anyone want to get 'Buffet B - Ideal for Parties and a more substantial working lunch' after exams?
Those interested in being part of a topsecret thing for youtube, email me!

Bye All!


  1. I'm interested in the secret thing for youtube. Do i have your email address?

    Also I agree with doctor who, later on would have been my preference but it was totally out of the blue. Which was good and sad.

    Ashes to Ashes was a great finish, I have to admit that I did get Jane to tell me the ending and then i watched it after. But still it was amazing.

  2. I'm interested in a post-exam Buffet to celebrate the start of Summer.
    I was trying to make a pun on 'Buffet' and 'Summer' which could be like 'Buffet Summer' which could be 'Buffy Summers' and my name is Anne so...um...

    This pun is a fail.

  3. Interesting opinion on Rory's death. I personally felt it worked really well, but that's mostly because the rest of the episode was so good I forgot all about them 'killing him' in the dream episode.