Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Right then
All of you know, I'm sure, that myself and zanny are dressing as Elves to go to school tomorrow, in return for sponsorship to the Parkinsons Disease Society.
We're allowed to collect in Sixthform, that's fine.
We went to Miss Hitch today to ask if we could collect outside of sixthform, e.g. in the lower school form rooms during the day.
We couldn't see why there would be a problem if we gave warning to the teachers and we quiet when moving round school.
She said no.
Basically, she said no, anyway
What she said was that we COULD do it, but if we did it for a DIFFERENT charity
You've probably heard about the recent deaths in school, of Chinni and Liam. Beaumont is therefore currently collecting for Great Ormond Street and the Meningitis trust. If we collect for one of those charities, we can do it.
Now, I mean no disrespect for those charities AT ALL. It's awful what happened, and all my wishes are with their family and friends.
But I said I was doing this for Parkinsons, and I still am.
I understand entirely what she's saying and why, but that doesn't mean I don't think it's RIDICULOUS.
We are not doing this as 'Beaumont School' we are doing this independantly, as two girls, not as the school. Beaumont has nothing to do with it except it just happens to be where it's taking place.
DK and RJ have been fab in letting us dress up and collect in sixthform. Why can't Miss Hitch follow thier example?
Now, people have gotten in trouble for saying bad things against Miss Hitch in the past. I think she is a good headteacher. But this is just bloody stupid.

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  1. it is stupid. why should it matter you are helping people!