Sunday, 13 December 2009

This weekend has been great
Worked yesterday, 9-12, then walked home, which I actually quite enjoyed, mainly cos I escaped before any major work started, and walked home listening to christmas songs
Then to TOWN with the girls, had a right laugh, me and jess disappeared for a while, Zanny drove us home, which was exciting!
Then to Ben's, two(ish) bottles of Watermelon Bacardi (Doug kept stealing it, hence the 'ish)
Had a good time, but woke up very early this morning, very tired, and had to go in to work half an hour early (so that's 9-5. What a way to make a living). Same again next week
Work was hectic, on and off busy and dead which is just ugh, cos it's never quiet enough to get anything done in the gaps
Carolyn, my boss, has handed in her Resignation, and so is leaving after christmas. I always complain about her, but really, I'll miss her, I think.
Steven's quitting in the new year too, so that's another one biting the dust, and I might be too soon, as I've applied for a job at the Library. Hopefully I'll get that, because I'd rather work Saturdays in town then Sundays on the outskirts of Sta. Haven't heard back yet, but emailed the forms in on Saturday morning, so they probably won't get it until tomorrow morning.
Fingers crossed eh?

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