Thursday, 1 October 2009

Well, let's reflect on today, shall we?
My predicted grades are not good enough.
I know that. All my uni options are now pretty much useless
I think it's very VERY unfair to give me C's in the subjects I'm resitting.

Aberdeen, here I come.

Either that, or I have a year off, try and get some archaeology work, some work in museums, that kind of thing.

What do we think?


  1. A year of, like moi. Then we have definitive grades + experience, giving us a stronger start when we apply next year.

    I think. I dunno. It's up to you really.

  2. Blog five!. Have you talked to everyone you can about bumping up predicteds?

  3. I say
    you might as well apply to Uni
    cos even if you get a place at somewhere you don't want to go you don't actually have to accept it.
    and then if you do want to go, then go!
    and you can always apply again next year after work experience lark

    anyway, you can completley ignore me if you like but that is my opinion :)

  4. I vote run away to sea like Piglet.
    Anyway, this comment's mainly so you have my blog address thing. Yay!

  5. aaaaaaa too many decisions.