Friday, 9 October 2009

Here is the summary of today.
Drama went well, very well, Supurbly, possibly, tho that may be stretching it. I like being in the Drama Keeno group for once.
History was History
Went to town with Anne and bought... THE SPIKE COAT. More on that at a later date.
Told my Parents I'm having a year off, having decided that after a good talk with Miss Ezmizadeh
Watched Buffy
Ate Chocolate
Read some of a trashy novel (which, btw Anne, I'm actually quite enjoying)
It's been a good day


  1. My name was mentioned in your blog. My life is now complete. Also...tut, tut trashy novel, but SPIKE COAT.

  2. wow a year off, what ya gonna do?? please say travel back in time in a make shift tardis!! becuase then i would join you!