Tuesday, 6 October 2009

This day has been Loooonngggg
I don't know why, It's not like I've been massively busy, it just seems to have lasted a long time
I've been told by my sister she thinks I won't go to University
no real reason why she thinks that, she just does
which is a little worrying, as she's normally right on these things, I mean, she's been saying for ages that she knew I'd have a gap year, despite me denying it for months.
Actually, Why have I said that's worrying? See, Society is dictating my needs.
'The public gets what the public wants, and the public wants what the public gets'.

Gap Year.
I better tell my parents.
Well, I need to speak to DK first


  1. Going Underground- The Jam
    Am I right or am I right?

  2. I told my parents tonight, went down okay except now Dad thinks I'm going to get 'experience' by becoming a travel rep. for a year. Hmm.

    Enjoy this link - http://drankmywar.livejournal.com/291014.html