Sunday, 18 October 2009

am ill
can barely breath, which is nice.
annoying thing is, 9 hour work day yesterday made it worse, the only reason I was working was so I could go to Medforth's, and then I was so ill I didn't go.
Don't think I'll be in tomorrow


  1. did he win robbie williams tickets?? because i swear to go i heard him on radio one and it was his birthday (friday) i sent you a text but i'm not sure you got it!

    he said he was from st.albans and i swear it was him, please tell me i'm not going mad!

  2. Yeah that was Joe. He got a phone call from Radio 1 in Drama as well.
    Get well soon Laura! You must recover for Spike and Giles night and for the Talent Show. Have lots of medication.