Saturday, 19 March 2011

Let me tell you a story. I went into Morrisons earlier. I grabbed my things, and headed to the Self Checkouts, because I like them, and on the whole, they're a lot quicker than queuing and having someone else do it for you. I had a Guardian, a packet of Kettle Chips and a Bluetooth adapter for my laptop because I'd accidentally smashed my old one into several pieces. But I digress. I scanned the Guardian, put it down, scanned the crisps, put them down, and was about to scan the adapter when I saw the crisps hadn't registered. So, naturally, I scanned them again. It then said I had two packets.
I called the guy over, and asked him (from now on referred to as 'Prat') to take one off, and also asked if I needed to do anything different with the adapter, as it had a sale sticker on it and I wasn't sure if it worked the same. He took the crisps off, pressed something. 'Age Verification needed' popped up on screen. He said 'I need to check your age' I asked what for as there was nothing there that needed it. Prat took the paper, said he needed to check something and disappeared off to talk to a man. After they both looked at me for a bit and I shrugged, Prat returned and informed me that he couldn't sell me the paper as it needed age verification. This is when I got cross. 'You can't sell me a PAPER? I've got ID! I'm 19!' He asked to see my ID, and then let me have the paper.
Now yes, I know I got the paper in the end, but I'm pissed off because; a) anyone who wasn't Prat would surely have noticed that there was NOTHING that had an age range on it in my shopping - unless Kettle Chips are considered dangerously tasty and therefore only available to the over 18s - and would have just deleted the notice, b) it wasted my time and c) Prat made me look like I was trying to do something I shouldn't have been doing in front of a queue of people.
I'm seriously considering complaining. I'm a GOOD Morrisons customer, I spend a reasonable amount of my money in there and if they're going to be like that, then I can take my money to... Spar. Although I'd rather not, they're quite a bit more expensive.

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