Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I'm not good at blogging. My problem is that nothing interesting happens to me. Apart from that time when the police had to be called to get rid of people from the Library. And when people try to set me up with their flatmates. And when I have a gossipy conversation with the woman meant to be interviewing me for University. I don't go to the cinema much. Apart from when I went to see The King's Speech. And when I went to see Paul. I don't watch that much of the television that's on at the moment. Apart from Marchlands. And Corrie. I don't go many places. Apart from London next week. And Manchester the week after. Oh, and Whitstable the week after that. And Hull the week after THAT. Perhaps my problem isn't that things don't happen to me, it's that I'm just quite lazy, and don't write about them. I'm going to change that.
March starts in 6 days. When March starts, I'm going to start Vlogging AND Blogging properly. I'm not going to snack. I'm going to do Exercise. I'm also going to try that little bit harder to actually stick to these claims. 
Over and Out.

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