Sunday, 28 November 2010

Apologies and Explanations.

Hello again. Sorry it's been a while but life recently got rather more hectic than usual. As you all know, I'm working at Waterstones during the week now. It's been fine up until now, even with the early starts, but from tomorrow until Christmas eve, I start work at 5am. Which means I now get up at 4am. There's no bus, so I'll be walking. With the weather like it is, I'm preparing myself with lots of layers and pocket handwarmers, as well as some podcasts to keep me going on my way. Really, I enjoy the work itself, it's just the hours that are a bitch. But this is the reason why it's HIGHLY unlikely I'll be going out in the evenings now, or at least not staying out until after 8, which is my bedtime. (Unless it's a thursday, and I have warning so I can nap in the day beforehand).
I might be a bit grumpy for a little while, at least until I get used to it, and if I yawn when you're talking, it's not cos I'm bored, it's because I'm shattered. I promise I'll stop talking about it soon, but at the moment, this is all that's going on in my life.
In other news:
I've finished my Personal Statement (finally) and am just waiting for DK to email it back.
Filming starts on 'Snippets of Conversations' this week (hopefully)
I'm really fucking cold.

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