Thursday, 4 November 2010

An Adventure

What I haven't properly told you yet, as I planned to do in the video I mentioned on Monday (before the tripod disappeared), was that I officially have a job. Currently I work in St Albans Library 9-4 on a saturday, but from this coming Sunday I'll also be working in Waterstones. Books Galore! But before we start to party (as we booklovers do so well) I need to tell you the hours. 
Firstly, I'm now working every day of the week. I know, I know, cash is cash, and believe me, I need cash. It's not that I'm working every day that is the annoyance of this job. It's that Monday to Friday, I'm working 6.30am to 10.30am. So yesterday I went on an adventure to practice getting the bus at 6.07am
It all went fine. I got up at about 5.15, checked my internet, got dressed, had a cuppa, and then left. Luckily the bus stop is right outside my house, so I didn't have to go very far. I had some podcasts to listen to, and so spent the 5 or so minutes waiting for the bus laughing in the dark like a nutter. Now, I do know how to get the bus, this was more just to make sure that the bus did actually come when it said it did. Which it did. So I ended up in the centre of town at 6.15 in the morning. 
To be perfectly honest, I hadn't really thought this far ahead. When I'm doing this for work, I'll have somewhere to GO when I get to town. On a normal day, I didn't. So I ended up walking the long way to the Orchards, through a graveyard, no less, and sitting on a bench watching the sun come up behind the Abbey. It was actually really nice. Almost completely silent, just birds, and people walking their dogs. After a while, when it had got slightly lighter, I walked round the lake in Verulamium Park, debated having a McDonalds breakfast (I decided no, as although they were open and I was cold, I would have had something massively unhealthy) and then wandered back up to the clock tower. I spent an enjoyable half hour or so reading my book and waiting for Starbucks to open at 8, and then had breakfast and waited for Anne. 
It was... lovely. It was. If I'd known how gorgeous St Albans is in the early morning, before even the Market Stalls have been set up, I'd have gone before. I can highly recommend it. Now though, until Christmas Eve at least, I won't be enjoying it so much, as I'll have to actually go to work. 

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    Is it for christmas temping???