Thursday, 7 October 2010

I'm deleting my most watched Youtube Video.
Why are you doing this? I hear you cry (inmyhead)
It's a video about the thorn that was in my foot after I trod on a branch at Jess' birthday party in april. I titled it 'Feet'
Unfortunately, this lead to my channel being subscribed to by a LOT of Foot Fetishists, and all the related videos being of a similar theme.
Much as I like people subscribing to me, I'd like them to do it because they like my videos, not because they're hoping for foot porn. Watching it back now, I really dislike it as a video anyway. It was filmed on my webcam, and I'd only just started making videos, so it's badly edited etcetc. I don't delete old videos, as a rule, even if they're crappy like this one is, but I'm getting spammed by Fetishists, and I don't want new people coming to my channel (as hopefully they soon will do - more on that at a later date) and watching my most watched video, and it being that.
Goodbye Foot Video.

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