Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Death of The Doctor

So last night, Jane and I went to see a preview screening of The Sarah Jane Adventures episode 'Death of The Doctor', as well as a QnA with some of the cast and crew afterwards.
We went up to London about midday and went to Covent Garden, and bought sweets, and then looked at a scary theatre, and got soaked by a fountain. Then we went to an AWESOME arcarde where I made a fool of myself on Dance Machines and Jane won SIX prize tickets. Which is apparently enough for a Fox's Glacier Mint.
We went to the British Film Institute, got us some Bonus!Reece, had dinner (after a lot of wandering around) and then went and waited to go in for the screening. We made friends with a couple called Greg and Emma, who were really nice, and not overly geeky, and we mocked the smelly, sweaty, underdressed and slobby fanboys. Then ELIZABETH SLADEN walked past and everyone was like !!!. A little later, KATY MANNING walked past and everyone was like !!!. Then TOM MILSOM walked past and I was like !!! while everyone else was like ... (I use 'like' a lot. Leave me alone Emma Thompson) Yes, I am a YouTube nerd. There was another one too, who practically knocked someone over chasing Tom. I hope I am never like that.
Then, it was time to go and watch the show.
The show was introduced by a nice man from the BFI and first we watched some Classic!Who clips, of Jo Grant and Sarah Jane Smith's original departures from the TARDIS. We wiped eyes and laughed at clothing. BFI man announced that there was to be a quiz, with signed prizes. The third question was to win a SJA postcard signed by Liz and Katy, and a Merlin poster signed by some of the cast. 'What is the last episode in this series of SJA to be called?' Jane's hand was STRAIGHT UP (because we'd been discussing it earlier) and she won the prizes. We then fangirled so much we missed the final quiz question, but who cares really?
The lights went down, and the show started. Even though I'm almost entirely sure that no one else bar Jane and Myself who reads this blog watched SJA, I'm not going to give anything away about the plot. I will say this though, it was beautiful, Matt Smith was amazing, and there were scenes that almost made me cry. It is entirely wasted on children.
The QnA started with the introduction of the... Questionees (new word, live with it) and a few questions from the BFI man, and then moved onto questions from the Audience, our new friends Greg and Emma both asking questions, and most of the others being as good as theirs. But here is where I must move on to my only disappointment of the evening.
Children. You're going to say I'm being harsh, I know it, but hear me out. Sarah Jane Adventures is a kids show, it's broadcast on CBBC, it has a younger demographic than Doctor Who. But this screening was for adults, or at least people older than 16, which is when most people, myself not included, stop watching CBBC. It was at 8pm for that reason, so that those people who are normally busy during the day could come and watch it. But there were still children there. It was fine during the screening itself. But during the QnA it really started to get on my nerves. There was a small boy a few rows in front of us who was clearly tired, bored and wouldn't stop fidgeting. There was a small boy who asked TWO questions, neither of which were amazing - 'Why are they always in two parts?' being the BETTER of the two - and a little girl who asked 'Who is your favourite Doctor?' Which, to be fair, is quite a good question, and got good answers.
But again I'm going to say, this showing wasn't for kids, even though the show itself is.
On the plus side, I was THIS CLOSE to Tom Milsom.

I'm such a Nerd.



    Not going to lie am slightly jealous!

  2. It was a great night - good value for the £9 odd it cost - much better than £39 for Doctor Who Live!

    Didn't know you were closeby - I'm Borehamwood and often pop to St Albans for shopping!