Wednesday, 10 March 2010

5 days
Apologies for the long time without Blog nor Vlog
Worked all weekend, first day at the Library was good, lots of paperwork and shelving books. hopefully once they understand that I've visted the library before and therefore know where the books go, it'll be better :p
Sunday was a nightmare, but only one day left.
Monday, Tuesday and Today I have been ill
You'd think what with that meaning that I have access to the internet all day with nothing else to do, I'd have done lots of blogs, but intead I watched House cos it takes less effort and I don't have to have the laptop actually on my lap.
For those that didn't get that, its so I can get up quickly n not worry bout breaking anything
I love House. It's great
Read all of 'Notes from an Exhibition' again. Great book. It's by Patrick Gale, I recommend it massively.
Blackadder is also getting me through this.
Dunno if I'll be back tomorrow, kinda hope I will cos I'm a little bored of being in Bed. Was feeling better, then... well you don't need to know the details, and although I'm feeling a little better still, not so much.
Ah, who knows

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