Friday, 5 March 2010

Hello people
Today I'm talking about Naming inanimate objects
Beth has a Dell named Adele, Kieran has a Mac named Melvin, Medforth has an MP3 named Storm
My Laptop's name is Brad, My MP3 Player's name is Janet
Do your possessions have names? What are they called?


  1. I've kind of lost track but I know for a fact that my iPod is called 'Aegis Fate', my Xbox is called 'Forward Unto Dawn' I believe, I've got devices called 'Pillar of Autumn', 'Spirit of Fire' and I believe I've got an 'In Amber Clad' somewhere too.

    Too cool.

  2. My sandwich-toaster is called Ralph.
    My laptop is called Carmichael.
    I do not think any of my other inanimate objects have names, but on my brother's old bed there were two removal planks called 'Pietro Planko' and 'La Petite Plankette.'