Friday, 19 March 2010

Fantastic Mr Fox?

Hey all
Just watched Fantastic Mr Fox on dvd
Was looking forward to it, cos I love the book, and on the whole it was really funny and there were definately some bits that made me laugh out loud for a long time, but I don't think I'd buy it/make an effort to watch it again
because it really wasn't very true to the book AT ALL. Bar a few characters, they were all pretty much changed or sidelined, and the reason for this was that it had been Americanised to the MAX. Although clearly meant to be set in England due to the 'typical english village' that got burnt by pinecone granades (don't ask), all the main characters, except for Boggis, Bunce and Bean were American. Ok, George Cluney and Meryl Streep might be good actors, but Mr Fox is BRITISH. No, I'm not just being anti-american, yes I know that Roald Dahl lived in America for a long time but still! He's clearly an upperclass british guy. The story was pretty much ENTIRELY changed, and they essentially inserted a war in which loadsa stuff got entirely recked. Also a Wolf. Don't ask why, there is NO REASON FOR IT. They just shoved a loada storylines in to make it last longer and to get about 4 different Morals across to an audience that they obviously thought the average age of would be about 7.
Yes, I liked it. But I think it should have, and could have, been truer to the book, and I don't really understand why the Dahl Estate let it be as massive as it did.

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  1. I agree, too american and less like the story but I did enjoy it (a lot)