Friday, 17 April 2009

Nice One

Sleepover at Alex's last night
went to see The Boat That Rocked - Fab n funny, might go n see it again
am currently very very tired
Geeked up majorly on Red Dwarf
Want another Thesps night
I'm that Eloquent


  1. Indeed I do, I shall give it back to you when I see you next.

    Lol I just saw under your occupations you've put 'Dogsbody' hahaha

    I want another thesps night, dunno where though!

    oh yeah - did Anna ring you?!

  2. No!
    Was she meant to?
    I'm happy to have people over once my room's sorted a bit, but I dunno what we'd do
    Get pizza in or somethin?

  3. Yeah I know, she rang and I said I was coming back but I'm not going on Monday because I'm gonna be at the Star Trek Premiere!!!!!

    Apparently the new person is American and has had lots of experience (?) and also the new helper person is really into physical theatre. Fab.

    Pizza sounds coolio :)

  4. I'll try n sort it for a few weeks time
    Depends what parents say
    and how much of a tip I can sort my room out of
    or into, even tidy it's a mess

    I'm such a slob

  5. were did Thesps come from. and defo it was a fun night :)