Saturday, 11 April 2009

Big Bad Stingrays and Zoe off of Eastenders

Doctor Flipping-flyingbuses Who!
Bloody hell
That was the weirdest episode I think I have ever seen.
Good though
Started off ok, I was a bit like *sigh* cliche robbing, but that may have been deliberate.
Bus with the clicky machine with the dish, both the spinny AND the yummy kind. Oh David Tennant, somehow I forgot how gorgeous your eyes are. Enough fangirling for now.
Eating the sand was FAB, loved it
Ok. The Fly people. I knew they were coming cos of DWM and my subscription to it, but I was disappointed if I'm honest. Yet another Human/Animal cross, like the Hath. And, to those who have seen some classic, that episode was very similar in Flyguys to The Leisure Hive, with the Foamasi. Same translatey type thing, and language. RTD, ripping off classics cos you think we haven't seen them. I'm ashamed.
Lady whatsherface, from here on in known as Zoe, was good, bit irritating, but pretty good. Glad they didn't keep her on as a companion though, she would have been a copy of Romana, and much as I would LOVE Romana back, I want the real, not a copy.
Stingrays..... um... ok
Lee Evans is a genius
And the moral of the story is: UNIT just shoot at stuff.

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  1. Lol I love it, excellent review!

    I thought it was a bit random tbh, I might have to watch it again as I wasn't really concentrating.

    They bloody killed off Nick Cutter in Primeval!
    It was sososososoooo sad :'(