Monday, 30 May 2011

Dear Television

Dear Television,
                        Caitlin wrote you a letter, so I am too. Let's be honest here, I see probably far too much of you. You're my life. You're the reason I'm doing the degree I'm doing, and you're the thing I spend my money on most of all. I hope we never break up. So much of my personality and habits are based on things you've done, things you've shown me. I've seen ghost detectives played by comedians, Brits play Yanks (brilliantly) and Yanks play Brits (unfortunately), I've lolled and I've cried and I've sat with my mouth open unable to speak because of the awesome spewing from you. I'm not saying you're perfect, and I really think that you should get BBC Three looked at, as I think it might be malignant, but you're almost there.
Lots of Love,

Icons from Livejournal and Fanpop and all over the place really, so... I dunno whose they were originally. They're very nice though....

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