Tuesday, 26 April 2011

'You're the Doctor Who nut'

I'm a Doctor Who fan. You know that, I don't really know why I stated it. It's the reason I'm doing the Uni course I picked, as I pointed out on my personal statement, several times. I'm not just a fan of the TV Programme tho. I like the spin offs, Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures. The radio dramas, the Big Finish dramas and the Audio Books. I bloody love the Books though. Classic and new adventures, and novelisations. I've got 24 in total, as well as RTD's 'The Writer's Tale', which I'm not reading as I don't count it as a proper Doctor Who book.
Basically, I'm going to re-read and review all of those books (in order of Doctor), here, on my blog, as well as (and mainly on) my Youtube Channel. First video in the next couple of days so... prepare yourselves.

Title of this blog from the head of the Course I'm doing at Manchester. It's like they know me already...

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