Thursday, 16 December 2010

On Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.

I don't believe in 'Sub4Sub'. It's pointless, and purely a way to boost your subscriber numbers. There are a few people I know on Youtube that have over 100 subscribers. I have roughly 20. I've been going longer than them, and although I haven't made a video in a while, there IS something in the pipeline. Now, I might be guessing, and I might be wrong, but I think their subscribers are from Sub4Subs, or from people subscribing to them because they met them one time and feel they should. In case you don't know what Sub4Subs are, how it works is that if I subscribed to you on YouTube, you would subscribe to me without looking at my videos, seeing if you liked them, anything similar. Do I wish I had more subscribers on Youtube? I suppose so, yes, but I'd rather have people who watched my videos and enjoyed them, than people subscribing because they feel they have to.

My sister's friends have started to get twitter. As they know I have twitter, they're following me. Don't get me wrong, I like facebook, but I say different things on twitter. I don't think I want her friends following me, but I don't want to delete them because they're her friends, and I kind of want to encourage them to use Twitter, because it's brilliant. But that lead me to think. What will the Tweeps among us do when Twitter is Facebook? Where will we go? Will we retreat back to Facebook, and stage a revival in an attempt to lure the vapid to their rightful place, or will we instead move to pastures older? Myspace, maybe, or even Bebo. Will there be a New Twitter for us to run to? Should we run at all?

Recently I've had a couple of Facebook Friend Purges. I deleted anyone a) who I hadn't spoken to recently, and didn't even when they weren't at Uni, b)who's general updates weren't entertaining enough to warrant keeping them on my list or c)I didn't actually like.
Not many people noticed, if I'm honest, but then there was trouble. If someone noticed I'd deleted them and re-added me, what would I do? In all cases so far, I've accept the friend request, because I'm a wuss. What I'd like to do is ignore, because obviously I don't want them on my friends list, but most of these occasions have been people who I used to class as a friend. But I don't want to cause an argument.

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