Saturday, 4 December 2010

Being Famous

Everyone's heard the saying about '15 minutes of fame'. In the society we live in currently, it's becoming easier and easier to grab hold of your 15 minutes and squeeze every last drop out of it. X-factor et al. help with this, but if you know me, you already know that I hate those programmes intensely anyway for the cruelty shown towards the contestants, and the sense of superiority that they create for the public viewers. Being famous for being famous is pretty much commonplace now, and I'm sure there are kids somewhere that want to grow up and 'be famous'. I know I did when I was little. I wanted to be a famous actress. I'll be honest, if someone Famous tweets me, I'm very excited. 
I don't want to be famous now. I'd like to be recognised for something, be it YouTube (which I doubt, considering my constantly growing hiatus) or for writing, or something entirely unknown to me yet that I do in my future. If someone was as excited about me tweeting them as I am when Reece Shearsmith does, or when Maureen Johnson does, or if I was recognised in the street, I would be very happy with my life. I don't need to be famous, to have tons and tons of money, but if I made someone as happy as the 'famous' people I admire can make me, that's my life complete.

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